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About Our Services

We provide a specialist service for commercial fire alarm systems throughout Ireland. We also provide emergency lighting service to relevant emergency lighting standards I.S 3217 giving you the confidence that your emergency lighting system is in good working order so that when your emergency lighting is called on you know you will be able to safely exit the building.

With a full range of systems and parts readily available for the most common makes on the market we can provide you with one of the best services in Ireland.

At JMN Fire Alarms we don’t only provide fire extinguishers for the commercial industry, we provide a range of fire extinguishers suitable for the home, office or workplace.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers can save a life and are an integral part of fire safety . Installed in a correct location on exit routes, in an easy-to-access place, it can be used to put out a small fire before it gets out of control or at least suppress the flames while you escape. Use of a fire extinguisher properly and safely can make a big difference to saving a life or property. We can provide training on the proper and safe use of fire extinguishers.

For small fires in the kitchen, Fire blankets are a very important part of fire safety. Fire blankets can put out a small fire before it has a chance to develop into a major fire. Made of special non-flammable materials, these are useful on a fire where you can’t use water. Fires which you can put out with a fire blanket include grease/oil fires.

Use of water on a stove or pan fire will only make it worse – use a fire blanket instead of water. Fire Blankets can be kept wherever there is a risk and should be kept close at hand. If someone’s clothes catch fire, You can wrap them in a fire blanket to put it out.

Fire Detection

For fire detection systems through out Ireland our wide variety of fire detection systems and knowledge means that we can supply, install and maintain all makes of fire alarms for all types of budgets and still keeping fire safety at the premium, and to ensure a good quality of service and knowledge all our staff are fully trained on all systems many from manufacturer direct training. All Fire detection systems can be maintained and certified and we provide services for all kinds of premises from apartments to offices and even small commercial units. Some manufacturers that we readily supply and stock are Morley, Advanced, Gent, Fike, Apollo, Hochiki. We also cater for home fire safety and have a range of home fire safety kits.

These are just a few products and manufacturers please visit our products page for more information on our products and leading manufacturers.

Air Sampling / Aspirating Fire Detection

At JMN we cater for specialist fire detection systems such as air sampling smoke detection systems or aspirating systems. these are systems that are installed throughout the protected area and detect smoke via a network of pipes. these systems need to be maintained correctly to ensure they operate as per design. in many cases these systems are misunderstood and the operation and reliability of these systems suffer and as such you may find false alarms and or non operation in the time of need. specialist training is required to maintain these systems to get the best operation from them.

Fire Detection And Alarm Systems

At JMN we train supply commission and install every type of fire detection system, we can supply install or maintain intelligent network systems spanning many control panels for very large premises giving full operation and information at many points of access. training in operation and use of such systems can also be provided.

Intelligent addressable systems are growing ever popular due to the price and cost savings involved in the installation and the intelligence that leads to the flexibility of one installation. these systems can provide many information links on the building life safety systems and can provide many solutions for harsh environments or areas that change frequently.Simply put these intelligent systems allow for a much larger fire detection installation that provides a more stable system and can provide more information on the location of fire activation’s for a faster response.

Smoke Ventilation

Our smoke ventilation systems can be ordered to your specification. we can arrange full installation and certification of all smoke ventilation systems and We maintain a wide variety of manufacturers smoke ventilation systems for a fast and efficient service in Dublin, Kildare or surrounding areas please contact us for a free quotation.

Other services

We offer a wide range of services and solutions for the entire fire safety industry. From signs, extinguishers, fire detection systems or water detection even air sampling systems and suppression systems. We also supply a comprehensive fire safety service. Whatever service you require our staff are all fully trained and readily available to help. Just give us a call and we can help you with your queries for free quotations with no obligation.