Fire Suppression Systems

At JMN Fire Alarms we have a team of technicians fully trained in fixed fire suppression systems. Our technicians are fully trained in FGAS as required by the EPA. If your site handles or uses an FGAS suppression agent, only fully trained and qualified technicians are legally allowed to work on these systems. Don’t take chances by allowing untrained or certified persons work on your systems. they are a threat to you, your staff and your servers.

Fire Suppression systems also known as fixed extinguishant systems are typically installed into critical I.T suites to provide server protection and backup protection from fire. In the event of fire being detected they release a suppressant gas into the protected area this can be a room or a single server cabinet, this gas extinguishes the fire saving your servers and or backups. These systems require many safety elements to keep both the systems and your staff safe.

The gases used by JMN Fire alarms are non corrosive, so wont harm your servers. clean gases, so there is no cleanup required. and environmentally safe ( non ozone depleting) so you can be comfortable your not harming the environment.

JMN Fire alarms can help with installation, service, install and commissioning of all size fire suppression systems and even have solutions for single server cabinet protection. We work with many manufacturers so we can assist you no matter what system you have on site.

Dont wait until its too late. Get your Fire Suppression systems checked today, its not worth risking your business.

Call now to discuss how JMN Fire Alarms can help you with your fire suppression needs.

image of a fixed fire suppression system.

FGAS Certified and Registered.

We are FGAS certified and registered to work on FGAS suppression systems. Our engineers have been trained and have completed the FGAS handling course for suppression systems.