Emergency Lighting Systems

At JMN fire alarms we realise how important emergency lighting systems are. As an important part of you life safety systems and building safety system it is critical that the emergency lights work when needed. Emergency lights are easily forgotten until the time comes when they do not work or worse and accident happens.

With regular maintenance and inspection complying to the required standards I.S.3217 the Emergency Lighting System should always be there ready when the power drops, and more importantly the lighting system should provide the correct level of light suitable for the environment it is installed into.

Many emergency lighting systems either do not work or provide poor lighting making it almost impossible to see where your safe escape route is. This leaves for accidents waiting to happen causing major injury or worse.

Call JMN Fire Alarms for your emergency lighting needs and we can look after your system ensuring you have the correct lighting and a fully operational system keeping you and your staff safe.